Saint Peter's Religious Education Office

155 William Street Belleville, NJ 07109 Phone: 973-751-4290 | Fax: 973-751-6201

Please use the front entrance, and ask for :

Director of Religious Education: Mrs. Lisa Melillo (Ext. 114) Email:

The Religious Education Office is open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Children can be registered for Saint Peter's Religious Education classes by calling 973-751-4290, or in person at the Religious Education Office.

New Registrations: Copies of certificates for all Sacraments your child has received is required at the time of registration.

For additional information or to have your questions answered regarding our Religious Education Program, please contact our office by phone, in person or by email as noted on this page.

Facebook Page: Belleville Saint Peters CCD

Baptism Registration

Students over 7 years of age needing to receive Baptism must take classes in September. They will prepare to receive Baptism at the Easter Vigil April 16, 2022


  • A completed registration form (front and back)

  • A Baptism Certificate must be presented at the time of Registration

  • Registration Fee must be paid at time of registration - $65 One child, $100 for Family (siblings only)

  • Registration must be done in person (forms may be given to be filled out but must be returned in person ONLY)

Students must be a resident of Belleville or his/her family are registered parishioners or previous students of St. Peters

REGISTRATION HOURS: Monday through Saturday 9AM to 5PM


Registración para el Sacramento del Bautizo

Los estudiantes deben ser residentes de la ciudad de Belleville o su familia deben ser feligreses registrados o graduados de la Escuela de St. Peter's

Los estudiantes mayores de 7 años, que necesiten recibir el Sacramento del Bautizo deben tomar clases (RCIC) en Septiembre. Ellos se prepararán para recibir el Bautizo en la Vigilia Pascual el dia Sabado, 16 de Abril, 2022


  • Formulario de Registración (2 lados)

  • Certificado de Bautizo

  • Costo de la Registración: $65 por un niño y $100 por familia (hermanos solamente)

  • La registración se debe realizar en persona



Please print out the proper form, and fill out completely.

Por favor imprima el formulario indicado y llene completamente.